1549-2-181MV Loons ON DARK STONE

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1549-2-181MV Loons ON DARK STONE - SHINY
2.75 lb
Size dimensions: 
9 × 5 × 2.25 in

The loon is Ontario’s bird, emblazoned on our Canadian dollar coin and affectionately known as ‘The Loonie’. Hoselton captures North America’s regal migrator with the simple, clean silhouette lines of the loon made from molten recycled aluminum. Whether through their haunting call, gentle swimming or expert diving actions, we are delighted to see them and feel honoured to witness their majestic take-off or landing. Cottagers, water enthusiasts and nature lover’s, fall in love with these sculptures that so easily remind of us of leisure days and evenings spent on lakes and coastal waters. These treasured, hand-made reminders, are as easy to give as to receive; with placements of honour in decors for the home, office, cottage for keepsake.


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