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The sport of golf has come a long way since the days of men using bent sticks to knock a tiny pebble around the coasts of Scotland. Golf today is a Global sport played by people from all walks of life in countries around the world. Golf Clubs everywhere, both private and public, find membership numbers growing and overall interest in the sport at an all-time high. With such growing interest, many clubs and organizations are setting up leagues and hosting tournaments on a regular basis.


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These leagues and tournaments are a great way to keep up club morale, raise money for charity or just to get a group of friends together for a day of fun. Whatever the reason, planning a competitive event means your organization is definitely going to need awards to hand out to the winners. Whether you are planning a golf tournament for charity, a friendly weekend challenge or organizing the annual club championship, Hoselton Sculptures offers a stunning collection of uniquely handcrafted golf tournament trophies and awards for competitors at every level.



Our free flow designs are carefully hand created from molten recycled aluminum with each piece getting the Hoselton signature to identify it’s quality and authenticity. With two dozen different golf award ideas, Hoselton Studios offers golf trophies in many sizes and styles. We can even customize your golf awards by adding a base or engraving your company logo or event name.  If your organization is looking for something really special, we can set you up with one of our in-house designers to create a custom, one-of-a-kind golf trophy that reflects the values, beliefs, and principles of your organization. 



From closest to the pin to longest drive. From rookie of the year to the tour champion, our collection of golf trophies will not only make a lasting impression, each individual piece will reflect your champion's own level of dedication and excellence. The sport of golf has endured the test of time. Working with Hoselton to create the awards your organization hands out at its next tournament will ensure that these timeless golf trophies earn a proud place on display in the homes of all who take one home.